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A005 Reflections on Media (Part Two)

First, let's discuss the reply to "Thoughts on Media (Part 1)" in the background.

Blogs, forums, and tieba from the previous era are destined to fade away and disappear because they cannot provide enough traffic and benefits to high-quality creators - Dugu Hui.

The point raised by Hui Ge is very realistic and a major reason. He has always advised me to do well on WeChat public accounts, but I didn't because I think the WeChat ecosystem is too closed and I don't like it. But now I have changed my mind, or compromised. Facing the general direction, one must go with the flow, otherwise one will perish. It has always been like this.

By the way, I can continue with the conclusion of "Thoughts on Media (Part 1)". I no longer think that forums/blogs are necessary because there is no essential difference in information exchange compared to before. It is still the author publishing content, and readers commenting and authors replying to each other, whether it's in WeChat, or in videos or audios, or in public accounts or Douyin. The essence of this matter has not changed.

But why do I always feel uncomfortable? I must admit that I am a bit arrogant, but I think there is another important reason, which is that the main information conveyed in different media is also different.

Taking my real-life example, in terms of text, the main platforms I use are WeChat public accounts, Zhihu, and several forums. WeChat public accounts are often used to read interesting content shared by friends, or when I open WeChat and see that the accounts I follow have updated, I will take a quick look. In short, it is for entertainment. Short articles are quickly skimmed through in a few minutes, and long articles are usually easy to read, such as Sanlian and Renwu. I rarely read highly professional content, and the longer the article, the less likely I am to read it, after all, I open WeChat for entertainment. Zhihu is mostly similar, I look at the hot topics to understand the recent trends, but sometimes I also go to Zhihu specifically to search for knowledge and often get some answers. I don't usually browse forums anymore, I only open them when I have a specific question, for example, when I was building Zhongyi Shitu, I used a difficult framework for which there were almost no timely updated tutorials in China, and the ones written abroad were too shallow. At this time, I went to the official forum with a bunch of error messages, asking questions one by one and solving them one by one.

![Pasted image 20230808201613.png]
(Guess how many nights I stayed up to build the website?)

Have you noticed the difference? WeChat public accounts and Zhihu are mainly for entertainment, while forums are mainly for getting things done. Does that mean WeChat public accounts and Zhihu cannot be used for work? Not really, WeChat public accounts have already gathered a lot of resources, and almost everything you want to know in daily life can be found there. It has become a good search engine, and many long articles are also full of content. Zhihu is even more so, with more professional answers. Forums are not only for work, there are also many forums for entertainment, such as Reddit.

Different media naturally have their own personalities. WeChat public accounts are a mixed bag, Zhihu is more serious, Bilibili is younger, Douyin is down-to-earth, forums are more professional, and so on. Using different media with different personalities is like making friends with different people. "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with." Being close to information that can bring improvement will lead to progress, while being close to media that makes people slack will lead to relaxation. Of course, we have the freedom to choose. We can choose to watch short videos all day and suffer, or we can choose to read long articles for an hour and improve ourselves, as long as we don't regret our choices.

Meng, Heng. It is not that I seek enlightenment from the ignorant, but that the ignorant seek enlightenment from me. It is an initial divination, repeated and profaned. If profaned, do not divine. It is advantageous to divine.

As an ignorant person, I can only seek to learn from the media, and not let the media seek to teach me.

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