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A002 Reflections on Media (Part One)

Recently, I have been thinking about two questions:

  • Is there still a need for blogs/forums?
  • Why is podcasting such a good thing, but its development has always been slow?

I have many thoughts about these two questions, but I haven't put them into writing because I always feel that imperfect things should not be shown. Recently, I found that the process of writing can help me clarify my thoughts, and I also understand that going from zero to one is the only way to go from one to a hundred. So I decided to just write a rough draft, and I can always make changes later.

Is there still a need for blogs/forums?#

Based on my observations, the main ways our generation obtains information on a daily basis are through Weibo trending topics, WeChat public accounts, and Douyin/Bilibili videos, and I am no exception. I started using the internet around the time when mobile internet was just emerging, which means I also witnessed a bit of the previous era of the internet: Tieba (Baidu Post Bar), forums, and blogs.

As I experienced more and more emptiness on the mobile internet, I gradually realized the richness of "traditional" internet content, such as continuous discussions on forums about a particular topic. In contrast, on the mobile internet, I can only see the noise under popular topics.

Of course, it must be acknowledged that video comment sections are not always chaotic, and blog posts are not always calm. But overall, the two give off completely different vibes.

So slowly, I started to dislike the current environment I am in and actively sought out the little oases hidden in the information desert. These oases are often not directly searchable by search engines and require clicking on one hyperlink after another to find the entrance to these oases. After some hard work, I gained a lot and at the same time, my disdain for the mobile internet increased. I believe that people who truly want to progress need to be like me, reading long texts, watching long videos, listening to long audios, engaging in in-depth discussions with others about a specific topic, practicing while asking questions, negating, and negating the negation. And these things are almost impossible to achieve in the mainstream media today.

So I believe it is necessary.

But as I further contemplate, I have realized that it is actually unnecessary.

My thoughts are quite chaotic, and my head is fuzzy late at night.
I'll stop writing here and continue tomorrow.

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