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wordpress server migration pitfall notes


Don't use one-click migration!

  • Compress the entire directory of the old server's database and website
  • Download and upload to the new server
  • Unzip


Recently, the Alibaba Cloud student server that my blog is using is about to expire. I have to invite new users to get a discount for renewal, which is really troublesome. I saw that Guiyun is very cheap, 10 yuan per month, so I gritted my teeth and bought it for five years.

The next step is to migrate the WordPress data to the new server.

Pitfall Process#

Path Dependency#

Baota panel has a one-click migration function, which can migrate the website and database with one click. I have used it before and found it quite convenient, so I continued to use it.

But after the successful migration, when I opened the website on the new server, an error occurred.

Got error 168 from storage engine

There are many reasons for this error. I have checked a lot of information and none of them are the cause.


A Turnaround#

During the troubleshooting process, some information suggested checking if the files on both sides are consistent. I looked at the database and, oh boy,
Using Baota panel's one-click migration, the exported database is only a few hundred bytes, and when I opened the local path, there was only one file that I don't know what it is.
Pasted image 20230522120817

On the other hand, the database folder on the old server is more than twenty megabytes.

Pasted image 20230522120813

Alright, no need for one-click migration. First, backup the old server in the database management, and then transfer the backup to the new server.

But the local path is still empty.


Abandon the Baota database manager and directly compress the database folder of the old server, upload it to the new server, and then unzip it.

Success! Time to eat!


Further understand the concept that everything is a file in the Linux system.
Is migration difficult? Just copy and paste! Give you the original experience 🐶


Among the student servers I have used, Tencent should have the highest configuration, 2 cores, 2GB RAM, 4M broadband, and 300GB traffic for lightweight cloud, which costs over 100 yuan per year (but I haven't used the lightweight cloud, so I don't know the difference from traditional cloud servers).

  • Alibaba Cloud has pulled out, bringing the e-commerce promotion into the student server activity. If you don't bring in customers, the machines are quite expensive.
  • Huawei Cloud no longer sells student servers.

In comparison, the configuration of Guiyun's student server is slightly lower (1 core, 1GB RAM, 1M broadband), and the price is basically the same (10 yuan per month, 120 yuan per year).

  • You can buy up to 5 years at a time, no need to worry about renewal.
  • But it's a Hong Kong server, no need to change sources anymore! Can freely use GitHub!

If any of my fellow friends need it, you can take a look at it.
Student Server_Student Support Plan_Student Cloud Server - Guiyun

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