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A001 is used to create resistance against nothingness.

Whenever I have free time, I find myself scrolling through my phone and playing games, only to end up feeling empty. I spend the whole day on the internet without accomplishing anything. Every day is like this, and I wonder what the purpose of my existence is.

Recently, I came up with a solution to combat this emptiness: immersing myself in writing, studying, editing podcasts, or creating something. I engage in the process of thinking, feeling, and preparing to create. This process makes me feel fulfilled and proud of myself.

I greatly admire one of my classmates who has made a commitment to write an article for a public account every day without interruption. I have witnessed his growth through this process and realized the importance of documenting. Without creation, I would fall into emptiness, and without recording, the past would fade away.

During recent conversations with my girlfriend, I was surprised by how many details I had forgotten, while she could still recall them due to her habit of keeping a diary. I felt sad because memories are the most precious wealth for each person, as our bodies and thoughts are the only things we can control.

In the past, I used to think that if I forget about experiences, it means they are not important. But now, I no longer think that way. Some experiences may only happen once in a lifetime, and if I forget them, I will never be able to remember. I don't want to dwell in the past; I just hope that in the future, when I reminisce about my youth, I will have stories to tell my children and some spiritual candies to savor for myself.

Therefore, starting from today, I have decided to write something every day. I may not have many impressive things to share, and I am aware that I am a lazy person who only works intermittently. So, the things I write should meet two criteria:

  • They should bring knowledge or emotional adjustment to others.
  • When I am too lazy to write, I will share some excerpts or podcasts to provide information from sources other than myself.

In the final chapter of "Endless Game" by Ai Ou, the character Long Wei uses the limited materials he can control to first construct a small world and then gradually expand his own existence in the opponent's world (emptiness).

I hope that in the future, I can also expand my own domain by creating little by little.

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