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Beijing Eating and Drinking

I didn't expect this draft to be so popular 😂, so let's improve it.

This article is mainly from my foodie teacher, who doesn't go to work every day and just eats. No wonder he's so strong (pang). It includes some personal subjective feelings (based on the consumption level of ordinary college students and the dietary habits of ordinary northerners). If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss in the comments.

Several Food Areas#

Gui Street (Crayfish, Hot Pot)
Huguo Temple (Pastries)
Niu Street

Friendly Reminder#

If you come to Beijing for the first time and want to eat roast duck, go to Ziguangyuan. It's cheap and the portion is large. Siji Minfu is a bit more upscale (I haven't been there). Bianyifang is also said to be good (I haven't been there either). I won't recommend the famous roast duck restaurants, as I haven't tried many of them, Orz.


Various Pastries (Shaobing, Stuffed Pastries...)#

  1. Sesame Shaobing (Niu Street)
    1. It has more than twenty layers when pulled apart.
    2. No hard pieces.
    3. The ratio of sesame paste is just right.
  2. Minced Meat Shaobing (Beihai Fanshipu)
    1. Leave the middle empty when baking the shaobing.
    2. Add stir-fried peas and meat afterwards.
  3. Screw Shaobing
    1. The flaky pastry is layered with regular pastry.
  4. Horseshoe Shaobing
    1. Softer texture.
  5. Sugar Crispy Shaobing
  6. Toad Spits Honey/Bean Paste Shaobing with an Opening
    1. Add more bean paste.
  7. Daliuhuoshao (Menkuang Hutong)
  8. Mendin Meat Pie
  9. Like a door nail.
  10. Spring Rolls
  11. Spring Pancakes

Desserts/Sweet Pastries#

  1. Fried Triangle (Duyichu)
  2. Fried Turnaround
  3. Dun Bobo/Sugar Dun (Huguo Temple Snacks) - Not good...too hard.
  4. Rice Cake - Average.
  5. Bean Flour Cake/Rolling Donkey - Delicious!
    1. Mix glutinous rice flour with hot water to make a soft dough.
    2. Roll the dough with sticky bean flour.
  6. Aiwowo - Delicious!
    1. Use glutinous rice to wrap the filling.
  7. Bowl Cake
  8. Basin Cake
  9. Yuanxiao
    1. Fried Yuanxiao
      1. Fry for a while, pat it to release air.
    2. Stir-fried Yuanxiao
  10. Xiaowotou (Fangshan)
  11. Silver Thread Roll
  12. Fried Roll Fruit (Huguo Temple Snacks) - Strange, average.
  13. Cream Fried Cake (Huguo Temple Snacks) - Delicious!
  14. Sanzi Mahua
  15. Crispy Mahua
  16. Honey Mahua
  17. Sugar Ears
  18. Hawthorn Cake (Huguo Temple) - Delicious!
  19. Bingtanghulu (Can be found everywhere) - Delicious!
  20. Wanhuan (Huguo Temple) (Niu Street) - Delicious!
    1. Peel and boil peas, make them into a paste.
    2. Strain the paste.
  21. Xiaodou Lianggao - Haven't tried it.
  22. Almond Tofu (Huguo Temple) - Delicious!
  23. Preserved Fruits (Can be bought anywhere) - Average.
  24. Persimmon Cake (Can be bought anywhere) - Average.
  25. Longxu Cake - Haven't tried it, but Xinjiang Longxu pastry is delicious!
  26. Yundou Roll (Fanshipu) - Haven't tried it.
  27. Braised Fried Tofu - Haven't tried it.
  28. Cheese (Cheese Wei) - Delicious!
    1. The cheese won't fall when the bowl is turned upside down.
  29. Milk Roll, Laogan (Huguo Temple) - Delicious!
  30. Fried Red Fruit (Huguo Temple) - Delicious!

Daily Food#

  1. Drink Jiang - Haven't tried it.
  2. Jiaoquan - Strange, average.
  3. Kaikouxiao - Haven't tried it.
  4. Tofu Pudding - The taste of northern tofu pudding is similar.
    1. Steam tofu with lactone or use old tofu.
    2. Or use old tofu.
  5. Mushroom Hanging Soup - Haven't tried it.
    1. Put some (three?!!) mushrooms in the pot.
    2. Soak the mushrooms first (the water can be used for cooking).
    3. Cut the mushrooms into pieces, add soy sauce, ginger, star anise, and Sichuan peppercorns (use less of these).
    4. After boiling, add more starch and less water, then use low heat and add eggs.
  6. Douzhi (Ciqikou) (Jinfang Douzhi) (Huguo Temple Branch) - Please don't try it 🤢.
    1. Ferment the leftover green bean residue (mainly green bean skin) used to make starch.
    2. Drink hot douzhi.
    3. Eat pickles while drinking - Beijing spicy vegetables/fried dough twists, that's authentic.
  7. Ginger Juice Pai Cha (Niu Street) - Haven't tried it.
  8. Tea Soup (Cha Tang Li) - Haven't tried it.
    1. Millet flour.
    2. The key is in the brewing.
  9. Noodle Tea (Huguo Temple) - Delicious!
    1. Drink it by rotating the bowl.
    2. Is it made with millet flour?
  10. Baozi (Qingfeng Baozi Shop, Xisi Baozi Shop) - Delicious!
  11. Shaomai
    1. Duyichu (120 pleats) - Haven't tried it.
    2. Annei Laoma Shaomai - Delicious!
  12. Huntun (Huntun Hou) - Haven't tried it.
  13. Guanchang (Fenmiantuan) - Not good!
    1. Fengnian Guanchang, Yali Li Ji, etc.
    2. Fry with lard.
  14. Chao Geda - Haven't tried it.
  15. Jiecai Dun - Haven't tried it.
  16. Chao Madoufu - Haven't tried it.
    1. Keep heating the douzhi.
    2. Stir-fry with lamb tail oil.
  17. Zha Gezha Box - Haven't tried it.
  18. Doumian - Haven't tried it.
  19. Sour Plum Soup (Xinyuanzhai) - Delicious!
    1. But it's drunk from a glass bottle.
    2. Liulichang Factory Dian.
    3. Soak hawthorn in water.
  20. Qiu Li Gao (Tongsanyi) - Haven't tried it.


  1. Traditional Manchu Bobo Shop
    1. Zhengmingzhai
    2. Fuhuazhai (Huguo Temple East Temple North)
    3. Nanwei Pastry Shop
    4. Daoxiangcun/Daoxiangchun/Guixiangcun/Guixiangchun (only this one is pirated, the rest are genuine)
    5. Halal Pastry Shop
    6. Dashunzhai (Tongzhou)
  2. Other emerging shops
    1. Bai Nian Yili
    2. Lifa Yuan
  3. Sugar Huoshao

Types of Pastries#

  1. Baked Products
  2. Oil Crust
    1. Walnut Crisp
  3. Paste Skin
    1. Mooncakes with Filling
  4. Puff Pastry
    1. Jing Eight Pieces
    2. Sugar Alcohol Hundred Fruits (Daoxiangcun)
    3. Beef Tongue Cake
    4. Black Pepper and Salt
    5. Walnut Crispy
    6. Yipin Shaobing
    7. Sesame Paste Bars
  5. Mixed Sugar
    1. Hawthorn Guokui
    2. Jujube Paste Pastry
    3. Zhaoyuan Cake
    4. Small Bean Bun
    5. Chestnut Paste Pastry
    6. Jujube Paste Block
  6. Hard Skin
    1. Zilaihong/Zilaibai
    2. Hawthorn Pastry
  7. Fried Products
    1. White/Red Sake Ma
      1. No water is used for eggs and flour.
      2. White sugar + maltose → syrup
    2. Jiangmi Tiao
    3. Mi Gong
    4. Mi Sandao
  8. Steamed Products
    1. Osmanthus and Sand
  9. Others
    1. White/Black Sesame Cake
    2. Guifanganglu (Daoxiangcun) (Good for pregnant women to recover from dizziness)
    3. Sugar Huoshao (Beijing Dashunzhai is soft, Tianjin Guishunzhai is hard)
    4. Sesame Paste with Enough Brown Sugar
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