志闲少欲,心安不惧 泛中医论坛

A007 realizes that emotions can be adjusted by emotions.

I recently submitted a manuscript on narrative medicine, which tells about my personal experience with doctor-patient communication. In it, I used the concept of yin and yang to write a paragraph, which basically means that when faced with disputes between patients and other relevant parties, doctors cannot take sides and can only try to reconcile and stabilize the situation. In other words, they have to compromise.

The rest of the article remained largely unchanged, except for this paragraph being heavily edited out. I know that the Western medical community in general has a negative view of traditional Chinese medicine, so I have never thought about submitting a clinical article on traditional Chinese medicine. Instead, I write about my experiences and feelings during my internship at the hospital, which have little to do with professional knowledge. But I didn't expect that even the mention of yin and yang would be forbidden now. At first, I felt it was absurd and became angry. I thought I had already set my bottom line, but it was still crossed. I really wanted to argue with the editor.

But soon I realized my own state. Oh, I'm getting angry. That's not good. Besides, what the editor did is understandable, because they have already faced backlash for publishing articles on traditional Chinese medicine before. It's normal for them to be cautious now. The purpose of this article is to make everyone understand the importance of reconciliation. Using the concept of yin and yang is just an external form. As long as the essence is explained, it's fine. If mentioning yin and yang will cause trouble for the editor, then let's talk about dialectical materialism. Dialectical materialism also talks about unity of opposites, although I may not be as proficient in dialectical materialism as in yin and yang. This issue can be resolved this way.

At this point, my colleagues who have read this far may also find it absurd and become angry. What are you going to do next? Are you going to use my words as evidence and criticize China's medical environment harshly? Of course, you can do that, but please ask yourself one question first: are you being driven by emotions?

It seems that in the past year or two, I have suddenly awakened to an ability. When I feel angry, I can be aware of my anger (similar to other negative emotions) and then quickly calm down. This includes two steps: first, being aware of the emotion, and second, adjusting the emotion. Without a doubt, the first step must be taken before the second step is possible. From my observation, many people cannot even take the first step. They get angry without realizing it and become more and more angry until they explode.

I have been thinking about how this ability came about, and I can only attribute it to my practice: whether it's practicing stillness or movement, the practice process requires a calm mind. In this process, there are occasional moments when emotions arise, such as thinking about something that makes me happy, and then realizing that I have immersed myself in that thought and emotion. I then calm myself down. Through this repeated process, even if I'm not practicing, I can still be aware of the fluctuations of my emotions. That's probably how it works.

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