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Challenges of Recharging Apple Gift Cards in the US Region

Optional Solutions#

Official website purchase of gift cards with domestic dual-currency credit cards (recommended)Official channel, low risk of account suspensionNeed to apply for a dual-currency card, students can directly go to China Merchants Bank to apply for the zodiac card (applying for a credit card as a student is a very complicated process, ԾㅂԾ, will share later)
Alipay exchange and recharge gift cards (recommended)ConvenientThird-party card purchases still carry the risk of account suspension, but Alipay's endorsement of third parties should be more reliable
Purchase gift cards from Amazon (not recommended)——Amazon accounts are suspended as soon as the order is placed /(ㄒ o ㄒ)/~~ and after surfing, it was discovered that many people had their Apple IDs suspended after using Amazon gift cards (the gift cards may have been purchased by merchants using black cards)
Purchase gift cards from the US PayPal official website (conditionally recommended)——Unable to register a PayPal account without a US phone number (saw a podcast mentioning that Google Voice can no longer be used to register PayPal, otherwise I might try to buy a GV and register)
Taobao merchant recharge gift cards (not recommended)ConvenientHandling fees
Risk of account suspension (the gift cards may have been purchased by merchants using black cards)

Specific Operations#

Self-purchase with dual-currency card (the following content assumes that you already have a US Apple ID)#

  • Go to the Apple gift card official website
  • Select the desired denomination (minimum $10)
  • Fill in the recipient's and sender's names and email addresses
    • Pay special attention to the recipient's email address! If filled in incorrectly, you won't receive it!
  • Make the payment
    • Fill in the credit card information
    • Enter the address associated with your US ID for recharge

Alipay exchange and recharge#

Refer to someone else's tutorial directly:

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