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What should I do if I cannot verify my GitHub Student Developer Pack with a non-school email or if my school email application fails?

Introduction to GitHub Student Developer Pack#

Simply put, it is a bunch of software and online services that are given away for free (such as GitHub Copilot, JetBrains, Termius, etc.). For more information, please see the following links:

Target Audience#

Those who do not have an edu email or whose edu email application is not approved and need to provide more evidence of student status (usually, an edu email can be directly approved).

Success/Failure Images#

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Pasted image 20230503215859

How to Apply Correctly#

The main reference is GitHub Student Pack Registration Notes. Following the instructions in this post, here is a set of methods that are easy to reproduce:

  1. Go to China Higher Education Student Information Network to download the Education Department Student Status Online Verification Report.

  2. Download the report and translate it into English (you can use DeepL to directly translate the downloaded PDF).

  3. Set the following content on GitHub to match the information on the student status verification report from the China Higher Education Student Information Network (don't worry about privacy, it's just for a while):

    • Profile picture
    • Nickname
    • Bio (write "I am a student from [university name]")
    • URL (put the official website of your university)
  4. Do not use any network proxies to open the GitHub Education application page, fill in the school (in English), and write any random application plan below (you can copy and paste mine): "Join the global campus to update coding skills with others".

  5. You will then be asked to provide more proof of enrollment. Transfer the translated student status verification report from the China Higher Education Student Information Network to another device (or you can choose to print it out and take a photo). Open the report on this device and click "Take a picture" (make sure to take a photo, uploading has a low chance of approval). Take a photo of the student status verification report from the other device, and select "Dated school ID" as the document type.

  6. Finally, upload the photo. If it doesn't get approved on the first try, you can try taking more photos (sometimes the focus may not be correct).

Twists and Turns#

I have known about the GitHub Student Developer Pack for a long time and knew it was very useful. However, when I applied for it before using my own edu email, the verification failed, so I didn't bother trying again. Recently, I had some free time and decided to give it another try. I saw in the discussions that many Chinese students have encountered similar problems:

The replies in those discussions were mostly similar and not very helpful. However, in Questions about the education certification of Chinese students · community · Discussion #52728 · GitHub, someone mentioned a meaningful experience post: GitHub Student Pack Registration Notes - pnpn111's Blog - Luogu Blog. This article further improved the process based on that post.

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