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A034 remembers the first time of independent duty.

Originally recorded a solo podcast, but the sound quality was too poor. Also, my back is uncomfortable today, lying in bed with nothing to do, so I changed it to a written record.

Main Text#

Recently, I have been working long shifts in the emergency department, which is considered a relatively relaxed position. However, there are constant trivial matters that consume energy and patience. Previously, the senior brothers and sisters have been covering for us, and we don't have to do much as first-year graduate students. But yesterday, I was shocked to hear the bad news. Both senior brothers and sisters on duty today took sick leave, so it's up to me and another first-year student to take charge. It's impossible not to be nervous.

But it doesn't matter, I will ask the teacher 🤪

I have spent some time in the ward before, and recently I have become familiar with the new system again. However, I still don't know how to perform many operations. In the morning, I followed the teacher on duty to check the ward and write orders a few times, so I became familiar with it.

Then I started doing it on my own.

Then the nurse rejected it.

"Rebirth: I Am a Fool"

However, after a morning of learning, I became more proficient in the afternoon. Coupled with observing the conditions of the patients intermittently, as well as having seen the senior brothers and sisters many times, I can handle whatever the nurse or teacher says in a timely manner. If I'm unsure, I continue to ask the teacher on duty.

During this time, a frontline nurse asked me to massage her neck. Suddenly, I found that I could explain a lot better. It turns out that reviewing anatomy recently wasn't in vain!

In short, I successfully completed my first independent shift without any major issues! Celebrate with confetti!

More First Times#

My first night shift was in the gastroenterology department. The teacher bought us KFC, and I slept until dawn, considering it as a trial experience. The real first night shift was in cardiology. Before going to bed, I made rounds in half of the department and spent two hours checking. I was too tired to continue. It was noisy and cold at night, and I woke up early feeling listless.

My first handover was also in gastroenterology. I was extremely nervous and memorized the medical records of the patients I was handing over. However, when it was time to hand over, I stuttered and couldn't say anything. I was sweating profusely 💦, and everyone was waiting for me to finish. I became even more nervous.
Finally, I honestly said, "Director, I'm too nervous and forgot everything." The director smiled and said, "I can tell, it's okay, do better next time." After the handover, the teaching doctor said I did well and was much better than his first handover. After doing it more times, I gradually learned to focus on the main points and not mention the trivial details.

There was also the first time I gave a patient an injection. I was sweating and trembling while doing it, pretending to be calm. I don't know if the patient noticed👀

The first time...

In the End#

Looking back, I have experienced many first times! Whether happy, nervous, or sad, these are all my precious treasures. Many first times have slowly been forgotten, but there are also many first times that will forever shine in my memory 💖

Would you like to share one of your first experiences during your internship at the hospital? Whether in voice or text, whether it was a success, failure, happiness, or sadness.

We would like to invite you to leave a memory. When you look back on it someday in the future, I'm sure you will feel the same joy as I do today, silently.


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