志闲少欲,心安不惧 泛中医论坛

A031 High places are cold.

Since the start of the school year, we have hosted two moxibustion exchange meetings. The first time, I was the speaker, and yesterday we invited a successor of Wuwei Moxibustion to speak, and I provided assistance. Both times were very rewarding, and we will continue to share our knowledge in the future. Today, I will write a little something.

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After the exchange last night, when I returned to school, no one wanted to sit with me. Suddenly, I realized that I had become like a teacher - a teacher who happily invites everyone to dinner, but we always try to find excuses to decline because we know we will be lectured at the dinner table, so it's better not to go.

One reason is that I am more serious. This has been the case since a long time ago, whether it's project meetings or team building activities. On one hand, I need to loosen up and make adjustments proactively, but I haven't been able to do that (while some people are the opposite). On the other hand, in serious and earnest situations, I need to be the most stable presence in the room, commonly known as controlling the situation.

Another reason is probably the saying "it's lonely at the top." After becoming a leader, naturally I am different from others. Superiors often bring pressure, and I have personally experienced this. The director just stands there without doing anything, but still commands respect without getting angry.

However, I believe that these gaps can be bridged through communication. We shouldn't put on an authoritative facade, but rather engage in open and sincere communication, paying attention to details. The other party will naturally feel that we are on the same side. Also, we shouldn't casually lecture others about anything without being asked. It's annoying to talk too much. There are also more modern management methods, but I haven't internalized them yet, so I won't write about them.


The experience of being a research group leader and leading student organizations in the past has not been wasted. I have led a group of twenty to thirty people at most, and now I can easily organize activities with a group of ten people. In the future, I will organize even more activities, so please stay tuned.

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