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A029 discusses pulse diagnosis, acupuncture, moxibustion, and other related topics.

In recent days, I have gained a lot of knowledge about moxibustion, but I have been tired every day and have to wake up early the next day, so I haven't updated much. I will write more when I have time.

Main Text#

Last Sunday, I met a outstanding disciple of the Wuwei Moxibustion School, Senior Wang, and learned a lot about moxibustion from him. However, actions speak louder than words, so we examined each other by performing moxibustion on each other.

First, let me talk about my own situation. In the first half of the year, I was diagnosed with a slight lumbar disc herniation, which caused long-term discomfort. Senior Wang was able to feel the pulse related to this issue. He said that when he felt the pulse, he felt a tingling sensation in the radial artery, which generally indicates stagnation. I later verified this feeling in other people, but it can only be felt in a very quiet environment. A few days ago, Teacher Liu from Qiankun Hand Diagnosis also found it. He uses the middle finger metacarpal bone as the spine, dividing it into upper, middle, and lower sections, corresponding to the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar vertebrae. I happened to have a noticeable reaction point in the lower part.

I can understand all of this. It's holographic, including pulse diagnosis, ear diagnosis, abdominal diagnosis, and even my made-up scapula diagnosis and buttock diagnosis, which I believe have diagnostic significance.

Now let's go back to last Sunday's moxibustion. When my Kidney Yu point was being moxibusted, I could clearly feel my waist being filled up (originally, my waist felt empty, as if it was about to break, but now it feels filled up and solid, although it doesn't actually become thicker). I mentioned this in a previous article, "A004 Boldness and Caution" ( At that time, after needling Zusanli, there was a hot flow from the toes along the back of the thigh to the waist, filling it up. This time, there was direct heat, or maybe something else, filling up the waist and then moving downwards.

First, on the right side, there was a feeling of blockage at the beginning, similar to the "numb tendons" when pressing the elbow. Then, the local blockage seemed to be broken, and a cold sensation traveled down the back of the thigh, coming out from the sole of the foot. By the end, there was basically no more cold sensation, just warmth. After finishing on the right side, it immediately continued on the left side. The same feeling of blockage at the beginning, which should be due to nerve compression. When the nerves are compressed for a long time, they become desensitized. When some of the compression is relieved by moxibustion, there is a feeling of blockage. The compression is further relieved and the inflammatory response is alleviated until the feeling disappears. The reason for starting with the right side and then the left side is because the left side is more severe for me.

Moxibustion is indeed effective👍

The above is my feeling when my waist was moxibusted, but today's focus is actually on the feeling of the person performing the moxibustion—the teacher.

The teacher who moxibusted me started to wonder: why are my hands so numb today? I have never experienced this before, and it's not the kind of numbness from holding my hand up for too long. Suddenly, it hit me. Isn't this the numbness that Senior Wang felt when feeling the pulse? So I relayed what Senior Wang said to her and solved her confusion.

But in the past few days, I have connected these experiences and gained a new understanding of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis: in the previous text, I mentioned that pulse diagnosis, hand diagnosis, ear diagnosis, etc. are based on holography. I think this is not appropriate. There should be a higher level of understanding— as long as a connection can be established, any method can communicate information, including the condition of the disease. It's just that some methods are easier to achieve, while others are more difficult.

Pulse diagnosis and hand diagnosis are relatively easy, but it becomes more difficult with acupuncture, and even more difficult with moxibustion. Even methods such as Zhuyou Shu and Dao Fa, which I currently cannot understand, how can they establish a connection with others if they don't have a method? It's just that I don't know how to find these methods yet, just like not long ago, I didn't know that moxibustion and pulse diagnosis could provide so much rich information.


I hope everyone can calm down and feel it slowly. Whether it's pulse diagnosis, massage, acupuncture, moxibustion, or even abdominal tapping and changing medication, I believe that if you calm down and do it seriously, the effect will definitely improve!

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