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A028 Records the First Moxibustion Exchange Meeting

It took me several days, and I quickly completed the content of last Sunday.


First of all, I would like to thank Teacher Liu from Qiankun Hand Clinic for providing us with the venue, and we were able to contact Teacher Liu because of Zhong Yijia. I would also like to thank Zhong for opening up many new paths for us, including my persistence in writing these days, which is also influenced by him.

Summary of Experience#

To get to the point, let's start with summarizing the failed experience: Yesterday was my first time giving a lecture, and it was a disaster. At the beginning, I organized a self-introduction session for everyone to talk about their understanding of moxibustion and ask their own questions. After a classmate finished speaking, I added some supplementary information. This session was designed too fragmented and should not be placed as the first step. It should be summarized at the last step. Later, I realized the problem and made timely adjustments. We quickly finished the self-introduction and started systematic explanations. I operated while explaining the key points, and occasionally, classmates asked questions that had just been asked. At this point, the answers were based on a systematic foundation, which had a much better effect.

In this class, I deliberately downplayed the teaching of operational techniques and focused entirely on emphasizing "concentration." However, some people gave feedback that they didn't have much foundation and it would be more appropriate to learn some operational techniques. For this type of question, I believe it is precisely in line with the purpose of the course—to not focus on techniques!

Let's make an analogy with learning martial arts, such as the Yi Jin Jing. When you first learn it, what are you thinking about after the starting posture? You're thinking about what the next move looks like, how to hold your hands up to the sky and regulate the three burners, how to flip your hands, etc. You have to practice it several times until you are proficient enough to truly experience the feeling of qi. Once I teach the moxibustion techniques, what will everyone think about when they are operating? They will be thinking about whether they should use the purging method or the tonifying method at this point, how to perform the purging method, whether they did it correctly, and so on. Just like when you first learn martial arts, your attention is diverted elsewhere, making it difficult to focus on yourself and the patient.

In the future, when I teach moxibustion, I will continue to teach in this way so that the essence of moxibustion can be quickly mastered!


The most important gain is that I have met a group of people who are also interested in moxibustion. Communicating with like-minded people allows me to feel happy all the time 😄
Based on this, I have started to form the Beijing Chinese Medicine Moxibustion Organization, inheriting my previous management experience and doing some "real work." However, this plan has just started and there are no results yet.
I have also learned a lot from classmates who are proficient in other martial arts, both in theory and practice. However, these are more fragmented, so I won't write about them.


Therefore, one must learn before knowing one's own deficiencies, and teach before knowing one's own limitations. Knowing one's own deficiencies enables self-reflection, and knowing one's own limitations enables self-improvement. Therefore, it is said, "Teaching and learning go hand in hand."
——"Record of Rites, Record of Learning"

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