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A027 Talking Saves Effort but Lacks Strength

Today I happened to hear Dugu Hui complaining about the current state of society.

The current state of society is a choice made by society itself. When faced with problems that affect everyone, people tend to ignore them and allow them to continue, causing harm to everyone's interests (or something like that).

Actually, it's not that people don't care at all, they just talk without taking any action. They might say something negative about XXX in the comments or on social media, and others will agree, but that's it. Many XXX issues continue like this. (I won't mention what XXX specifically refers to, as it would sound mocking. You can relate it to something you or people around you have been complaining about recently.)

If you want to change the current situation, talking alone is the easiest but also the least effective solution. Maybe some people just want to vent their emotions and express their opinions, which is also a normal need.

But if you feel strongly about it and believe that you should do something, there are often many things you can do. Seek advice from your relatives and elders, and then do what you think should be done. Many XXX issues are not as difficult to solve as imagined, and the creators of the problems may not have malicious intentions. How many pure evildoers are there? Many problems can be solved through communication. Even if you fail in the end, at least you tried and learned that a mantis cannot stop a carriage. It's better to give up completely.

What I fear the most is feeling unwilling, constantly thinking about it, but not taking action, wasting effort and achieving nothing.

When we were young, our lives were filled with arrangements made by our families. We thought that growing up would always be simple. But step by step, as we ventured out of our comfort zone and experienced the complexity and diversity of the world, we gradually learned to adapt to unexpected situations. That's what growing up is all about.

Event Announcement#

September 15th, 7-9 PM
Tea Break After Class (West Gate Co-creation Space)

Discussion Meeting for Student Representatives

(If there is no night shift that day)
I will talk about my experience as a student representative for the past five years, fighting for the rights of my fellow students. There have been successes and failures, such as:

  • Supermarket price adjustments
  • Expensive shower water in the dormitory
  • Getting food poisoning from the cafeteria
  • Reforming the medical reimbursement process

Student representatives are welcome to participate.
Students who are dissatisfied with XXX but don't know what to do are also welcome to join.

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