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A026 Regardless of the length of my hair, I am still me.

Yesterday, it was mentioned in A025 Temporary Suspension of Updates that the focus will mainly be on orthopedics and programming in the future, while other topics will be put on hold for a while. Today, I decisively went to get a buzz cut mainly because:

  • Long hair easily obstructs the line of sight
  • Adjusting the obstructed line of sight requires the use of hands
  • Blow-drying hair takes a lot of time

When I went to get a haircut, the hairdresser asked me if I really wanted to cut it. It felt a bit regrettable. I had to repeatedly tell him, "It's okay, it's okay."


During my freshman and sophomore years, I kept the buzz cut habit from high school. However, I always felt that every time I spent the same amount of money as others, but got such a simple hairstyle that I could do myself, it was a waste. At one point, I bought clippers and tried to do it myself, but I found it difficult to deal with the messy hair, so I gave up. Later, I decided to grow out my hair and found that long hair suited my head shape better. It also saved money and reduced the frequency of lazy trips to the hair salon, so I kept growing it out, with the longest length being one year. My relatives at home were all against it, thinking it was neither here nor there (mainly against growing out the hair without getting it trimmed). We had several arguments about it, but they eventually got used to it and stopped mentioning it. I think they will be surprised again this time when I cut it into a buzz cut.

In A023 The Diamond Sutra and The Heaven Dragon, it was mentioned:

The first of the five categories of the head is the body. Look at all the beings in the three realms, including the form realm and the formless realm. Which one is not attached to this body as their own? We all think that this body is ours, this is the first wrong view. The body is not oneself! What is the body if it is not oneself? Truly speaking, the body is what I possess, it belongs to me. Like this piece of clothing, this piece of clothing belongs to me, this prayer bead belongs to me, but they are not me. When will you be able to awaken to the fact that this body belongs to me, but it is not me? This is the first view.

Therefore, this is a very big mistake, the fundamental mistake of taking the body as oneself. Every day, we commit immeasurable and boundless sins for this body, which is wrong! It is too absurd. It's like the clothes I wear, I don't know that these clothes belong to me, I treat these clothes as myself, and I have to take care of them every day, doing things that harm others and benefit myself, creating immeasurable and boundless sins for the sake of clothes. Isn't it unfair? The beings in the six realms do these unfair things. What is the self? We will report in detail to you in the next level. This is the first wrong view.

The body is indeed something that belongs to me, so why should I be attached to its appearance? Choose hairstyles, clothing, and appearances based on one's own needs, whether it's following trends, creating an artistic image, or being unique. It's really nothing special.

I made so many changes
Just to keep what's unchanged in my heart
Yang Zongwei "I've Changed, I Haven't Changed"

Yesterday, it was said that updates would be temporarily suspended, but today, I thought about it and realized that if I can write, I should continue to write. This good habit should be maintained, with each session limited to within half an hour.

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