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A025 Pause Update

Yesterday, I finally managed to invite Professor Zhou to record a podcast Vol.6: Conversations with a Neurosurgeon in a Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, which was recorded in the recording room provided by Shengdong Huopo. Before the recording, I had the privilege of chatting with Xu Tao, the lively host of Shengdong Huopo.

Xu Tao graduated from Peking University in 2006 and worked as a reporter for Caijing Times from 2006 to 2007. In 2007, he served as the chief editor and assistant editor-in-chief of Caijing Weekly. From 2016 to 2019, he was the head of content at 36Kr North America. In 2019, he founded Shengdong Huopo Media and is currently the co-founder and host of the podcast "Shengdong Jixi".
(Successful idol chasing, just showing off)

I have listened to programs hosted by Xu Tao before and felt that she was very calm, like a sharp knife, able to hit the point with every question. But when I actually chatted with her, it was myself who was being dissected 😂. It was already a bit nervous to come to someone else's company for the first time, and with a powerful host like her, I became even more nervous. However, after years of practice, I was able to calm myself down and not feel overwhelmed. During the conversation, Xu Tao asked many questions about traditional Chinese medicine, and I answered them all without prior preparation. It can be said that my answers accurately reflect my current understanding, somewhat like the sharpness of Zen Buddhism.

I answered so poorly that I felt embarrassed to release the recording, but overall, I realized a problem: I am too superficial. It may seem like I have a lot of knowledge, but in reality, my foundation is not stable enough and can easily be toppled. This reminds me of a time when my mentor asked me about the current state of my research and a few questions left me stumped.

Digging deeper into this problem, it is due to my broad curiosity but lack of dedication to in-depth study. The so-called "slash youth" may seem impressive and knowledgeable, but in reality, they don't know much. Their reputation is just to intimidate ordinary people, and experts can easily see through their level. Over the past few years, I have done many extracurricular activities, led organizations with more than twenty people, organized events with thousands of participants, and dabbled in various fields, studying medicine and law, programming, martial arts, and more. I have indeed achieved some results in certain areas, but none of them have reached the top level.

A person's energy is limited, and spreading oneself too thin will inevitably lead to a lack of depth. A well-rounded talent must first specialize in one field, build their own professional barriers, and then develop comprehensively.

The new semester has officially begun, and in the next phase, I plan to specialize in two areas: orthopedics and programming for research. Everything else, including writing for the public account, will have to wait.

A child refuses to let go once they pick something up, but as they grow older, they learn to pick up and let go.

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