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Summary of A021-030


New ten articles, new gains
Recently, I have had many gains every day, but on one hand, I have limited time and want to sleep a little longer, on the other hand, some things are difficult to write because they are fragmented, and thirdly, some content is easy to offend people if not said properly.


Learning Traditional Chinese Medicine from Western Medicine#

  • A024 did a podcast - Vol.6 Chatting with a Neurosurgeon in a Chinese Medicine Hospital: Talked to a neurosurgeon from Dongzhimen Hospital about Chinese medicine and Western medicine. I'm used to hearing Chinese medicine practitioners talk about Western medicine, so this time I want to hear what Western medicine practitioners have to say about Chinese medicine. I thought this topic would easily provoke controversy, but after the conversation, I found that the experts are all advocates of integrating Chinese and Western medicine. Those who blindly oppose Chinese medicine/Western medicine lack understanding and expertise in Chinese medicine/Western medicine.
  • A030 Lecture on Surgery: Summarized what I learned from Western medicine through a lecture by the director of general surgery at Dongzhimen Hospital, which is not highly valued by practitioners of Chinese medicine.

Moxibustion Series#

You can witness the progress from the earliest to the most recent in these few days.


A021 Six-Level Exam Experience: Finally passed the six-level exam, summarizing the experience of failure and success, combined with the experience of failing the Chinese herbal medicine course before, I now have no feelings towards various exams, extend the timeline, accumulate enough experience, and pass the exam.
If you want to hear about my experience of failing a course, you can listen to this episode.


A022 Recent Summary of Artificial Intelligence Study: This article is relatively professional, if you can't understand it, then you can't understand it. To be honest, I don't understand it much either. If I did, I would have written a paper by now, Orz.

A023 Diamond Sutra and The Eight Parts of the Dragon: Under the guidance of a senior brother, I started reading the Diamond Sutra and found many similarities with "The Eight Parts of the Dragon". However, most of the time, reading novels is just for fun without using your brain, and there is no gain in doing so. It's okay, learn what needs to be learned, enjoy what needs to be enjoyed.

A025 Pause in Updates: While recording the podcast (Vol.6 Chatting with a Neurosurgeon in a Chinese Medicine Hospital), I also talked to a top media person about Chinese medicine and was embarrassed by a few questions. So I decided to pause updates, focus on studying, but I haven't persisted for a month yet, I will share my gains in a few days.

A026 Whether My Hair is Long or Short, I am Still Myself: From a buzz cut to today, I feel that I have significantly improved the efficiency of washing, showering, and blow-drying my hair. No more hair in my eyes, no need to keep brushing it away. But in the first few days after shaving my head, it felt a bit chilly. Many people think this is a very important choice, but I think it's ordinary because I've done it several times before, like in middle school or high school, when my grades were declining, I burned all the awards on one side of the wall. Because every time someone came to visit, my mom would show off, but my grades were no longer the best, so it was always awkward, so I burned them. Unexpectedly, every time someone comes now, my mom points to the wall and says there used to be a whole wall of awards here... In ancient times, Goujian shaved his head to show his determination, and now I shave my head with plain water to show my clear mind? Come on, I just find long hair troublesome, I don't have such lofty ambitions.

A027 Speaking Less Saves Effort but Lacks Power: A sermon in the style of Lu Xun, I don't know if anyone can be encouraged or stimulated by it.


Time is so precious, while problems are endless. Make a good plan, continue to work hard, and you will achieve results.
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