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A018 recognizes oneself through comparison.

Foreword, today is a "chicken soup" article.

In my growth experience, from childhood to adulthood, my parents have always compared me with others by highlighting their strengths, often mentioning "other people's children," and rarely comparing my strengths to others. I understand that this is to motivate children to learn from the strengths of excellent people and to avoid arrogance. However, excessive emphasis on the strengths of others and downplaying one's own weaknesses has resulted in me not feeling like an outstanding person for a long time.

I have always looked at the ceiling, so I always feel short and inferior, which leads to a lack of confidence. I only watch activities from the sidelines and always feel that excellence has nothing to do with me. Fortunately, I have always had good teachers and friends who encourage me: "You are capable, find the right opportunity, and make great achievements."

Recently, in my studies in Taizhou, I have come into contact with students of Chinese and Western medicine, folk doctors, and ordinary people. I realized that my five years of study have laid some foundation, cultivated some thinking, and broadened my horizons. If I have to compare myself with the elites in this small school environment, I am definitely mediocre. However, in a larger environment, compared to ordinary people, I am not so bad, at least I am actually quite good. Later, as I delved deeper into moxibustion and communicated with my senior brother, I even felt that I had some spirituality and opportunities. Later, when I looked back on my growth experience, I was full of curiosity, quick to learn anything, digging deep, exploring on my own, and so on. Among peers, these comprehensive abilities are at least an eighty out of a hundred, but I haven't used them in my profession. Later, recently, I participated in an election and compared myself with others. I found that in certain aspects, I can even score ninety.

Those involved are often confused, while onlookers see clearly. Reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles, only through comparing with others can one understand their own position.

Finally, I recommend a recently updated Chinese animation called "Fog Hill of Five Elements." It has a strong Chinese style, stunning visuals, thrilling plot, distinct characters, and elements of traditional Chinese medicine. The most important thing is to learn perseverance from the creator Lin Hun. This is what I currently lack the most. With a few people persisting, great achievements can also be accomplished!

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