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A013 Three Ways to Brew Tea, Starting with the Basics

Haha, unexpectedly, this issue is still about tea 😜

During the process of making tea with my cousin, I realized that in order to convince him, I deliberately focused on the process of making tea instead of just focusing on making tea, and as a result, I didn't make it well. And he, in order to prove himself, deliberately pursued the result, but also didn't make it well.

This reminds me of when a senior brother taught us meditation, he reminded us that as we practice more, some people may develop special abilities. When they first experience this kind of ability, they feel great and start to deliberately pursue it, eventually going astray. Some people even start practicing for the sake of these special abilities and end up going astray.

In the method taught by this senior brother, the first level is to practice until you can see a soft white light in your mind. He specifically reminded us not to pursue the appearance of white light in our minds, it will naturally appear as we continue to practice, so don't rush.

As we all know, disciples often don't listen to their masters' words. At first, I consciously avoided deliberately pursuing it, but after experiencing it once, I knew that what the senior brother said was true, and if I continued to practice, it would be amazing. Unconsciously, this reminder was overshadowed, and then I started to feel more and more uncomfortable, and finally realized, oh, I'm also going astray 😈

Practicing is really dangerous 😨

To generalize, if you do something with your heart, the results will gradually come out (this process is enjoyable, or at least a mix of pain and pleasure, otherwise you won't be able to persist), but if you do something with a very utilitarian mindset, it is easy to fail and lose balance mentally.

Next is another part of today's content (otherwise, everyone will get bored with the tea talk 😂, too much of a good thing is not good), mainly a bit of reminiscence about "Beginner" (, which is the former theory of evolution of beginners.

In "A011 Chat" (, I mentioned

Recently, I unexpectedly gained something. On the Beginner website, there was content about recruiting volunteers for clinical trials, and for the first time, a netizen responded. In the future, I will expand this function and hope to help the research team find more participants and provide more options for patients. - A011 Chat

Today, I chatted with this netizen ( He is interested in traditional Chinese medicine and was surfing the internet. He found Beginner by chance (the backend didn't record his search keywords). Previously, all users of Beginner were friends, classmates, and teachers around me. This netizen has no connection with us, it's all fate, he is the first one. He looked at the content on the website and found a project recruiting volunteers, so he signed up. The contact person was my classmate, and that's how I found out about it.

I suddenly felt a sense of pride. When I decided to transition from targeting the campus to targeting the public, I wondered when Beginner could help others. The answer is two months. I feel that all the nights I stayed up were worth it, and I have regained confidence. This is the first one, and there will be the hundredth, the thousandth, the ten thousandth... Hahaha, I'm getting carried away, let me come back. At the same time, I also have to admit my shortcomings in operation. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. My strength is in technology, and my weakness is in operation. Moreover, my energy will be more limited in the future, and I don't know how far Beginner can go.

Haha, I'm getting too low again, let's raise the mood. The project group that this netizen signed up for was one of the sections I specifically created when Beginner rebuilt the website, "Recruitment of Participants" ( It allows students to post their own projects, with the aim of increasing the exposure of the projects so that they can receive more participants, and some desperate patients can have another chance. But because Beginner didn't have many users, except for the two projects I persuaded, no one else posted any projects. After two months, I had no hope, but unexpectedly, a netizen signed up through this channel. At that time, both my classmate and I were extremely happy 😄. I believe this is a good idea to fill the gap in information exchange. This is exactly what the Internet is best at. If you have a project, please actively upload it. You never know when someone will contact you.
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Now looking back from when I created Beginner until now, it has been four years, almost accompanying my entire undergraduate career, just like what was written above: if you do something with your heart, the results will gradually come out.

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