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A012 Making Tea

This morning, my senior brother left. I have learned a lot from him these days, and I will gradually write it down in the future. Let's talk about making tea again in this article.

Since learning how to make tea from my senior brother, I have felt its magic. Today, my cousin and his girlfriend came for lunch, and while chatting, we talked about practicing martial arts. I wanted to teach them some basic techniques. I suddenly wondered if we could incorporate tea into it.

I gathered some old cups at home and made the first brew. They thought it tasted good, sweet. For the second brew, I explained to them the process of making tea. The key is that your state of mind affects the tea, and the feedback is very timely (see A010 The Art of Making Tea). While chatting, I got distracted and the second brew didn't taste good. They could also tell. This was a perfect example, so I started explaining again. But once again, I got distracted and the third brew didn't taste good 😂.

But I had finished explaining everything, so I let my cousin try it himself. He brewed it, and indeed, it was bitter. Then I brewed it, this time more focused, and it turned out sweet again. So he became like me before, confused, trying to attribute it to the brewing time and technique. I became like my senior brother that day, letting him try it out and even bringing up variables that I thought were meaningful.

Just like that day, my cousin, his girlfriend, and I took turns brewing. After a few rounds, most of the good-tasting ones were brewed by me.

I felt it was amazing, so I wanted to control the variables. I let my senior brother's girlfriend brew, then I brewed, and then my senior brother brewed. I also tried brewing for a longer or shorter time, brewing in the first round or in the middle rounds. After a few rounds, my senior brother's brew was still the best. Now I had to admit that what my senior brother said made sense.
After that, the three of us took turns trying different brews. I tasted:
Fragrant and sweet
Fragrant but bitter and strong
A bit fragrant and a bit sweet
A slightly bitter aftertaste
A faintly sweet aftertaste
And so on
Until now, an hour has passed, and I still have a hint of sweetness in my mouth.
——"A010 The Art of Making Tea" (

I saw good progress, so I gave him a question and then gave him an answer—the relaxation exercise from the Qigong Association. Let me briefly introduce the relaxation exercise. It was the first technique I learned, very simple. Just relax from head to toe. At first, I listened to the teacher's guidance, then I silently repeated it in my mind, and later, I could relax with just a thought. I personally think it's a better way to start than standing or sitting meditation. There are almost no precautions or side effects. I have taught it to many people, and it's easy to learn, but most people don't stick with it. This time, I wanted to give my cousin a small shock through making tea, so that he would practice more.

Before the last brew, I guided them through the relaxation exercise and asked them to maintain that relaxed state while focusing on making tea.

After some effort, they have reached my level! It's sweet!

First, his girlfriend drank it and looked shocked. I smiled and said nothing. After he took a sip and looked at both of us, he took another sip and then finished it in one go.

I knew it, today's incorporation of tea into the practice was a success! I'm awesome! 🎉

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