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A011-020 Summary

Wow, I've finished writing 20 articles!

A few days before the start of school, I invited my senior brother to come and play. We went shopping during the day and chatted at night. Although it was tiring, I discovered a lot of materials. Because I was too tired, I took a day off from A011 Chatting, but I recorded a podcast and published it a few days later in ➡️Vol.5 What is the significance of practicing Qigong for Traditional Chinese Medicine in colleges and universities? (There is no A020 because the product of that day is Vol.5)

I gained a lot from chatting with my senior brother, especially the three articles in the tea series. I highly recommend them!

There are also two articles in the moxibustion series, from tea to moxibustion, it's the same principle.

There are also three articles in the emotions series, which are the results of my calm observation of myself.

There is also a special article, A016 Reminding Freshmen to Pay Attention to the Prisoner's Dilemma of Choosing a Mentor. As an older senior, I can help young people as much as I can, but later I heard that it was a misunderstanding, so let's just bring up the issue in advance. It is difficult to change many structural problems, not that it cannot be done, but it requires a lot of effort, such as the reform of the reimbursement mechanism in the school hospital that I did before, and the breakthrough method proposed in the article. Future generations will solve their own problems, so I won't interfere too much.

Of course, there are also some relatively light articles in these ten days, such as A018 Knowing Oneself through Comparison, which is a motivational article.

In the previous ten days, I broke through the threshold of creativity, and in these ten days, I was no longer troubled by what to write today. After all, once my mind starts working, new ideas keep coming up. I think the breakthrough in these ten days is my awareness of my own problems - too colloquial and lacking refinement. I have tentatively set the solution as writing serious and thoughtful content on the first day, reviewing and making timely revisions the next day, and publishing it at night. As for today's relaxed article or motivational article, I will write and publish it as I go, with a relaxed attitude. 😜


Summary of A001-010

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