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The Art of Brewing Tea A010

Please come to Datong to play, senior brother. Today is the first day. Let's not talk about shopping and eating for now. Let's talk about what we learned today with senior brother.

Making tea!

Before this, I was a tea novice. Whether it was good tea or bad tea, I would just put it in a kettle with hot water, brew it, and drink it. The taste was always similar. The only impression I had was that I once had some black tea at a certain restaurant. It was sweet, but I never had it again when I went back.

After strolling around in the afternoon and returning to rest, senior brother called me to his room to taste tea. I watched as senior brother opened a special kettle for brewing tea, set up the tea set, lit incense, and created a sense of ceremony. If it were somewhere else, I would definitely be nervous, but in front of senior brother, I was only curious.

Senior brother brought wild black tea, which I didn't understand. He explained that it was wild tea, and I didn't know the difference between wild tea and cultivated tea.

Senior brother brewed a round of tea first, and I observed his brewing process. It was quite simple. He poured hot water into the tea cup, then poured the tea into a large empty cup, and finally distributed it to each person's small tea cup. When the tea in the large cup was finished, he brewed another round.

I couldn't see any tricks, but when I tasted it, it was amazing! It was sweet and smooth, reminding me of the black tea I had at the restaurant. But senior brother was not satisfied and said that this round only had taste but no aroma or qi, but I didn't understand. Senior brother brewed another round, and this time it not only had a sweet taste but also a tea aroma, but I still couldn't sense the qi.

I was very curious why the tea brewed with the same tea leaves and hot water, using the same process, would turn out differently. I also wanted to give it a try! Senior brother gave up his seat and explained to me that the state of the tea brewer greatly affects the final tea. I didn't fully understand, but I didn't care. I wanted to try it myself.

Of course, I was very nervous for the first time. I jokingly asked if being nervous while brewing tea would make it taste bitter. Senior brother smiled and didn't say anything. After brewing, I took a sip, and indeed, it was bitter, neither sweet nor fragrant.

Senior brother guided me and said that I needed to be calm because the state of the tea and the state of the mind are closely related. I adjusted myself and brewed for the second time, and it was indeed much better, but there was still a big difference compared to senior brother's.

I felt very magical, so I wanted to control the variables. Senior brother's girlfriend brewed tea, then I brewed, and then senior brother brewed. I also tried brewing for a longer or shorter time, brewing the first round or the middle rounds. After several rounds, senior brother's tea was still the best. Now I had to admit that senior brother was right.

Afterwards, the few of us took turns trying. I tasted tea that was fragrant and sweet, but also bitter and hard, slightly fragrant and slightly sweet, with a lingering bitterness, and a faint sweet aftertaste, and so on. Now, an hour has passed, and there is still a hint of sweetness in my mouth.

When the aroma and taste of the tea are almost gone, it's time to change the tea leaves. I had senior brother brew the tea that the hotel gave us. Senior brother said it was the lowest quality, and indeed, the difference between the tea brewed from it and the wild tea we brought was significant, like comparing wood (you can taste the flavor of wood by chewing on a wooden chopstick). But senior brother was able to bring out a hint of sweetness with his technique.

Senior brother said that brewing tea can easily reflect a person's state of mind and cultivation, just like looking in a mirror, with very timely feedback. Sometimes he would brew tea while looking at his tablet, and because he was distracted, the effect would be worse. Today was my first time trying it myself. At the beginning, I was a bit nervous, but as I gradually immersed myself in it, the effect became better and better.

Senior brother also talked about the similarity between the aroma of Chinese medicine and the aroma of tea, but I didn't understand, so I won't say much about it. As for the tea qi (different from tea aroma and taste), I didn't feel it, so I won't talk about it either.

Next time, when we have the opportunity, let's take turns brewing tea and experience it together. 😜

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