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A009 Huang Jing Dang Shen Mo Yu Ti

Today I tried making a medicinal diet for the first time because a teacher recently did a program and introduced a recipe for Huang Jing Pig's Trotters.

Ingredients: 9g of Huang Jing, 9g of Dang Shen, 5 jujubes, 750g of pig's trotters, 15g of ginger, and an appropriate amount of green onions.

  1. Clean the pig's trotters and blanch them in boiling water, then set aside.
  2. Put all the ingredients in a pot, add enough water, bring to a boil over high heat, skim off any foam, then reduce the heat and continue to simmer until the sauce thickens and the trotters become sticky.

It seems quite simple, so without much thought, I decided to give it a try. I blanched the trotters in water to remove any blood.

I boiled a pot of water and added Huang Jing, Dang Shen, pig's trotters, ginger, and two pinches of salt. I didn't have any jujubes at home, so I used raisins instead and added two handfuls. I forgot to add green onions.

PS. I noticed that when I put the Huang Jing in, black substances dissolved out. I don't know if Huang Jing is like this or if my Huang Jing got stained 😂

Then I simmered it over low heat, checking it every half an hour. If the water was not enough, I added more to prevent it from burning. After about two hours, I put down my controller for The Legend of Zelda and tasted one trotter.

The meat was basically tender, but why didn't it have any flavor? It only tasted like plain pork, not sweet or salty.

At first, I didn't taste any saltiness. I had foreseen this because I only added two pinches of salt, which is the amount my mom usually uses for a bowl of vegetables. I added salt because it wouldn't taste good without it, I learned this from somewhere, and I didn't add much because I wanted it to be sweet. According to the recipe with Huang Jing and raisins, it should be sweet when it's done.

Even after taking another bite, I still couldn't taste any sweetness. Something wasn't right. Did I forget to put in the two handfuls of raisins?

At this point, I started to panic a little, but I wasn't afraid. When I encounter a problem, I ask my mom for help: "Mom! What should I do?" My mom didn't know either because she had never made it before. If my mom couldn't figure it out, I panicked even more, but I wasn't afraid. I had foreseen this, so I only used about one-third of the trotters to make the medicinal diet, and I asked my mom to make her signature braised trotters with the rest. With her backup plan, I wasn't worried.

Since I wasn't worried, I started thinking of solutions. I opened Little Red Book and searched for "sweet pig's trotters." I found a tutorial by Lao Fan Gu on Crystal Trotters. After watching the video, I suddenly realized: if it's not sweet, just add sugar! I added about half a bowl of rock sugar and continued to simmer.

Reduce the sauce, remove from heat, it's really fragrant! The meat is tender and not greasy, and I finished a piece all by myself 😂
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There was also an additional gain. After the soup cooled down, it became very gelatinous, but it melted in the mouth and was still sweet and not greasy. I decided to name it "Mo Yu Gao" (Ink Jade Paste), as it should have a good nourishing effect.


As we all know, medicinal soups originate from cooking, and many inspirations for making medicine can be obtained during the cooking process. The following are the inspirations I gained from this experience:

  1. Be prepared before taking risks. Before embarking on an adventure, prepare a safety net. Otherwise, if the adventure fails and your mindset collapses, it's game over.
  2. Treatment is a process of adjustment. It may not have much effect at the beginning, but at least it verifies the infeasibility of a certain solution. Adjustments can be made gradually.
  3. Learn from others. Don't mess with things you can't handle. Others may have ready-made solutions. At first, I didn't watch any tutorials and planned to add two handfuls of raisins. Looking back now, it's a good thing I didn't do that. Raisins don't provide enough sweetness, and the jujubes in the recipe are not meant to provide sweetness!
  4. Other people's solutions may not be directly applicable. Understand the essence and make flexible adjustments. Lao Fan Gu's tutorial on Crystal Trotters was very detailed, but if I followed it exactly, I would have been exhausted. However, I extracted the essence: add a large amount of rock sugar for seasoning, then reduce the sauce. The final result was not bad.


Although it tasted good, it didn't look good because I missed an important step: I didn't remove the seasonings before reducing the sauce.

Finally, I would like to thank my aunt for purchasing the pig's trotters and blanching them, and thank my mom for supervising. I wish everyone becomes a good chef!

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