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A004 Bold and Careful [Resend]

This year marks my fifth year studying traditional Chinese medicine, and I finally have the courage to give acupuncture treatments. In just one month, I have surpassed the total number of treatments I have given in the past four years.

This achievement is thanks to my learning experience in Taizhou. Under the guidance of my teacher, I have been able to practice on myself and my classmates multiple times. I have come to realize that acupuncture is not a terrifying thing. Except for some dangerous areas, the rest of the body is just flesh, soft and can be needled. If the patient feels pain, I can adjust the technique, and if they don't feel anything, I can strengthen it. Even if it doesn't have any effect, it's only a few dollars wasted. But what if it does work? With 100 needles costing 15 yuan, if I use 20 needles and it has a positive effect, it will be a huge profit. If it doesn't work, at least I gain experience without losing much.

This boldness also comes from witnessing the effectiveness of acupuncture. Seeing my teacher perform treatments and witnessing the immediate relief of neck stiffness, back pain, and swollen feet, I have gained confidence. When I try it myself, it often has miraculous effects. Even my classmates, following the acupuncture textbook, have been able to successfully treat my stomach meridian.

By the way, let me digress and share my first strong experience of feeling the existence of meridians. In the past, when I practiced on myself, I could feel the presence of the lung and stomach meridians in my hands and forearms. However, I thought it could be either the meridians or just hitting a nerve. During this learning period, I had been suffering from nasal congestion due to rhinitis for several days. A classmate followed the acupuncture textbook and treated me. I didn't feel much when they needled the Yingxiang and other points, but when they needled Sanyli, I felt a few downward movements and muscle twitching. Then, a warm flow surged up directly from my second and third toes, following the stomach meridian all the way up, but it couldn't pass through the inguinal region.

Speaking of my practice, the discoveries I made and the effectiveness I witnessed made me realize that I need to practice more and gain more. Why not do something that brings little investment but potentially high returns? When I return home, I ask people if they want acupuncture. Some relatives are very cooperative and are looking forward to the results.

After talking about being bold, let's talk about being cautious. During my study in Taizhou, the teacher often taught fixed acupuncture prescriptions. For a certain disease, regardless of the person or the condition, they would use the same points, and it would work. I think this approach is not appropriate. Perhaps it is based on experience, or maybe it is a secret method, or maybe there is a diagnostic system that they didn't mention. In any case, blindly following these fixed prescriptions cannot fit into my knowledge system. So, currently, when I see patients, I still ask about their condition and diagnose them properly. Then, I combine the treatment principles of acupuncture with the fixed prescriptions. I believe this cautious attitude will help me slowly digest and understand.

Lastly, I want to give another example. Just like with acupuncture, this year marks my fourth year since obtaining my driver's license, and I finally have the courage to drive freely. In this month alone, I have driven in the city, the countryside, and even crossed county borders for the first time. My boldness comes from the constant reminders of experienced drivers about road conditions and the thrill of mastering a new mode of transportation. Driving a car is much more enjoyable than riding a bicycle or an electric scooter! At the same time, I maintain a cautious attitude, slowing down at intersections and preparing to brake when I see pedestrians.

In the future, I will strive to balance caution and boldness!

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