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A001-010 Summary

Unconsciously, I have already written the 10th article. Let me summarize a little and take a break for myself.

Starting from A001: Using Creation to Confront Nothingness, I have taken Zhong as an example and aspired to update daily, setting two minimum requirements for my articles, at least one of which should:

  • Bring knowledge improvement or emotional adjustment
  • Quote some text or share a podcast episode, providing information from sources other than myself

A002 and A005 are both about media thinking. These two articles received average feedback, and I don't know if it's because people don't usually have related questions or my level is limited. Nevertheless, this is the beginning of my attempt to update daily.

A003: The Cruelty and Enjoyment of Self-Examination and A007: Realizing that Emotions Can Adjust Emotions are both about self-awareness. In A003, I quoted a large section from an article by Ted Chiang, an excellent Chinese-American science fiction writer. The popular movie "Arrival" was adapted from his novel "Story of Your Life". His writing style is distinct and brilliant. Currently, he has published two collections of short stories: "Exhalation" and "Stories of Your Life". You can choose any story from either collection, hoping to bring you a wonderful experience.

A004: Boldness and Caution is my first article on clinical medicine, mainly to encourage everyone to try more hands-on experiences when conditions permit. This article is currently the most popular, after all, most of the followers of this account are industry professionals who value articles on traditional Chinese medicine. However, as my personal account, I will continue to write about various topics, and traditional Chinese medicine is just a part of it.

A006: Psychology Can Only Solve Some Problems is essentially a book summary, combining relevant articles and blogs I have recently come across. It was from this day that I fell into my first creative bottleneck, with nothing to publish, so I had to publish my notes. Therefore, in A008: How Much Goods Can Be Said, I openly admitted that I had nothing to write and even felt sad. I didn't expect my mind to be so barren. Then I consulted Zhong's experience, picked up flomo again, and recorded many inspirations. In the future, it's possible that an article one day will be the result of that day's inspiration. It was also after the release of A008 that I felt the encouragement from readers for the first time.

I didn't expect that in the following days, inspiration kept coming. First, A009: Huang Jing, Dang Shen, Mo Yu Ti became my debut in medicinal cuisine, and it was a success! Then A010: The Art of Brewing Tea was even more fulfilling, as I gained insights into medicine through tea ceremony. Today, I have new thoughts on moxibustion, which I will write about later.

During the process of daily updates, many friends silently followed me, including some senior brothers and sisters. It was through chatting with them that I learned they would read my articles while slacking off, and they could feel the changes. This sense of accomplishment and the encouragement mentioned above have strengthened my determination to continue daily updates.

Looking forward to seeing you in the summary of A011-020!

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